Legendary role-playing game design for both newcomer and veteran RPG fans...

OnceLost Games is an independent game development studio dedicated to reinvigorating the role-playing game genre with much-needed new ideas. Founded by veterans of two generations of gaming enthusiasts and experts, we aim to meet the gap between the deep, complex design pillars of games from the 1990's, with the production values, improved controls and quality of life features in games today.

We're hard at work on our debut role-playing game title, which will be a massive open-world fantasy adventure, and will boast revolutionary technology and game design by some of the most celebrated veterans of computer gaming, who have created multiple Game of the Year-winning titles.

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Meet Our Founders

Ted Peterson

Design Director

A prolific game designer and writer, Ted was one of the original designers of The Elder Scrolls, offering his talents in story, worldbuilding and book writing for Arena, Daggerfall, Morrowind and Oblivion -- and wrote hundreds of thousands of words for the series. Ted directed and designed games for over 25 years, and his inspiring works have become household names.

Julian LeFay

Technical Director

An industry legend, Julian has seen success as a musician, programmer and game designer as early as the Amiga in the 1980's. With dozens of released games under his belt, he is best known as the director of The Elder Scrolls: Arena, Daggerfall and Battlespire, and is known affectionately by fans for his contribution to the series as "The Father of The Elder Scrolls".

Vijay Lakshman

Executive Producer

Vijay is a 25+ year veteran game designer, producer and published writer. His first big video game job was as lead designer and producer of The Elder Scrolls: Arena, and has since produced, designed and contributed to over 80 game titles, ranging from Spyro the Dragon to Lord of the Rings: Online. Vijay also wrote the award-winning fantasy novel series, Mythborn.

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